Seattle's Non-Surgical Face Lift

Experience the power of Microcurrent Therapy at AG Skin Experts, designed to dramatically alter your skin's aging trajectory. This sought-after treatment utilizes low-level electrical currents that mimic your body’s natural currents, promoting the a firmer, toned and more youthful appearance and feel.

Unlock Ageless Beauty with Microcurrent Therapy.

Discover the rejuvenating power of Microcurrent Therapy at AG Skin Experts, a groundbreaking treatment that safely and effectively minimizes the signs of aging. By harnessing low-level electrical currents, this therapy enhances facial circulation, hydrates and revitalizes skin, and improves elasticity and muscle tone.

Witness the transformation with diminished fine lines and wrinkles, smoother and firmer skin, and notably lifted jowls and eyebrows.

Each session not only refines your features but also boosts the efficacy of skincare products through increased penetration. Embrace a visibly younger-looking complexion through our tailored series of treatments.


Microcurrent FAQs

What are microcurrent benefits?

A series of microcurrent treatments can safely and effectively minimize the visible signs of aging and provide:

  • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoother, firmer skin
  • Improved facial circulation
  • Hydrated and revitalized skin
  • Improved elasticity
  • Improved muscle tone in face and necK
  • Lift jowls & eyebrows
  • Increased product penetration

How many treatments are recommended?

The number of sessions depends on the client age and skin condition.  The effects are immediate and cumulative. 

Clients go through a series of treatments followed by regular maintenance  to keep a more youthful appearance.  Typically clients will notice a 5-7 year reduction in facial aging.

20-30 years: As preventative to slow down aging process

30-35 years: Initial series of 4-6, 1x per week with maintenance every 6-8 weeks

35-40 years: initial series of 6-10, 2x per week with maintenance every 6-8 weeks

40-50 years: initial seres of 8-12, 3x per week for 1 week and 2x a week thereafter with maintenance every 4-8 weeks.

50-60 years: initial series of 12-15, 3x per week for 2 weeks and 2x per week thereafter with maintenance every 4-8 weeks

60+ years: initial series of 15, 3x per week with maintenance every 4 weeks.

What should I inform my AG Skin Expert of prior to my appointment?

Please inform us of any recent Botox, fillers or laser treatments. Microcurrent should be done no sooner than 2 weeks after your last treatment. 

Note: Clients and doctors have seen prolonged effects of Botox when used in conjunction with Microcurrent.  

Who is not a candidate for microcurrent therapy?


  • Individuals with a pacemaker.
  • Pregnancy
  • Thrombosis
  • Phlebitis
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer

Age Gracefully with Microcurrent Therapy.

This innovative treatment series promises not just to reduce the visible signs of aging but to redefine your skin's health and appearance.

Achieve smoother, firmer skin with lifted contours and enhanced elasticity. Don’t wait to rejuvenate—book your treatment now and experience a fresher, more youthful glow.